Veterans Day

Celebrating Veterans Day in US

Today, 11/11, is Veterans Day.
© Douglas Smith
We honor the people who have served our country,
© Kent Barton
and those who are still serving.
© Dongyun Lee
The heroes to the next generation.
© Mark Elliott
War has a long history.
© Ricardo Martinez
The reasons to go to war are always complicated,
© Edward Kinsella
twisted and dark.
© Rudy Gutierrez
We can only hope the choice we make is the right one.
© Jack Daly
Veterans have been through a lot.
© Gregory Manchess
They are away from their families for a long time.
© CF Payne
Facing death and fear everyday.
© Chase Stone
And sometimes it's even harder when they finally come home.
© John Mattos
We hope the support of veteran's families keep our soldiers strong.
© Gary Kelley
while they are away in a foreign land.
© Michal Lisowski
We pray for them and for our country.
© Michal Dziekan
Hopefully one day we will find a way to seize fire,
© David Johnson
and put our efforts towards fighting together for our future.
© Douglas Smith
The heroes of our country.
© David Palumbo
We thank the veterans for everything they have done for our country and for us.
© Thomas Ehretsmann
Happy Veterans Day!
© Jason Seiler
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