Popularity an Accident?

Popularity and accident?

Ricardo Martinez
"I can't get no satisfaction"
-Mick Jagger
Charles Chaisson
“We are part of this universe; we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts, is that the universe is in us. "
- Neil deGrasse Tyson
David Johnson
"A famous person to themselves, they don't get up in the morning and think, I'm famous. I'm not famous to me. Famous is a perception."
-Van Morrison
Douglas Smith
"They played the mash, They played the monster mash
The monster mash, it was a graveyard smash
They played the mash, it caught on in a flash
They played the mash, They played themonster mash."
- Bobby Pickett
Dongyun Lee
"My eyes opened, and the first thing I thought of when I could put thoughts together was I want to be in show business. Never wanted anything else. I used to sneak in the costume room at my nursery school and smell the costumes."
- Joan Rivers
David Palumbo
"I wanted to prove the sustaining power of music. "
- David Bowie
Mark T Smith
"I don't think it makes me a role model. I think it makes me inspiring . Cause I'm from the bottom I think they look at me and go 'well, if he made it, I can make it'"
- 50 Cent
Jason Seiler
"As long as people remember me forever, that will be enough for me."
-Lil Wayne
Kent Barton
"I wanted to connect all people who are thinking about peace on Earth"
-Willie Nelson
Gregory Manchess
"To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater. "
Sam Spratt
"I won't be a rock star. Iwill be a legend."
- Freddie Mercury
Ed Kinsella III
"Rock music is not meant to be perfect. "
- Ozzy Osbourne
Guy Stauber
"I've always loved life, and I've never known what's ahead. I love not knowing what might be round the corner. I love serendipity. "
James Bennett
"Acting is my first love."
-Dawn Wells
Mark Summers
"The great thing about rock and roll is that someone like me can be a star."
-Elton John
Tim Bower
"All I can do is be me, whoever that is.."
-Bob Dylan
Rudy Gutierrez
"I am Warhol. I am the No. 1 most impactful artist of our generation. I am Shakespeare in the flesh. ."
-Kanye West
Ted Wright
"'Ironically, the success I've experienced at country radio has left me ostracized from pop and other formats of radio. "
- Dwight Yoakam
Gary Kelley
"Excuse me while I kiss the sky. "
-Jimi Hendrix
Tran Nguyen
"I do not fault anyone else who makes choices to play characters that they wished they hadn't... Because at the end of the day, none of us are happy with our jobs all the time."
- Peter Dinklage
Tyler Jacobson
"It goes without saying that it's hard to attain a certain level of success. "
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